Management Information Systems

SAP Flokser Textile utilizes the SAP program in order to reinforce all operations and businesses of the enterprises within its body at all points, increase sharing, endow all business processes with traceability and transparency, provide access to common database, use a common language and contribute to the decision making mechanisms. The problems are foreseen thanks to the SAP system which enables all kinds of processes to be carried over a single platform and the necessary precautions are taken in time. Decision to be made at any point can completely effect the enterprise and the effect of a change of a method on the company can be assessed. The SAP Modules implemented SAP is the main system that supports all functions from procurement to sales and from financial affairs to human resources. Financial • Financial Accounting (FI) • Cost Accounting and Controlling (CO) Human Resources • Personnel Management • Personnel Development Logistics • Materials Management (MM) • Sales Distribution (SD) • Production Planning (PP) • Plant Maintenance (PM) • Quality Management (QM) • Warehouse Management (WM) CRM In the line of honesty, respect, understanding, empathy, we take the benefit offered to the customers as our starting point and protect the rights of the customers as much as we do for ours. We make our customers feel that we stand behind our products and have them believe in us and in our company. We act responsibly towards the customer issues and take the necessary precautions so that they aren’t repeated. CRM, in general, is to understand the customer and the customers’ needs by establishing better communication and to develop products and services within the frame of customer requirements. The management of a long term business with added value with our customers is only possible via CRM. Communication Platform Flokser Textile and all of its subsidiaries have adopted the philosophy of management with processes. In order to execute management with processes, each main process has been identified as a “Role” and “Processes” have been identified under each role. The communication platform comprises of four main elements. First of these is the Action Systematic. The actions between the people aren’t taken orally, they are executed by means of the platform so that the results are recorded and the efficient assessment processes are accomplished. While forming an action, the roles and processes are determined for that action and thus the work for those processes are documented and the data loss is minimized while the assessments are taking place. The second main element is the strategic management schedule which is planned according to the 5 dimensional capital structure. Flokser Textile and all its subsidiaries keep track of their objectives and key factors of success with the strategic management schedule. Thus ascertaining incomplete things or things that go wrong becomes easier and provides prompt action to be taken. All the key factors of success in this Management Cockpit designed according to the 5 dimensional capital structure are conveyed to individuals and are tracked by means of the Performance Management System. The third main element is the Meeting Systematics. All the meetings held at Flokser Textile are documented on the communication platform. The actions and the decisions are associated with the Action Systematic and thus the individuals are informed in the shortest time possible. Preventing the loss of data enables the formation of a guide for the future. The fourth main element is the project Management System. Flokser Textile is a company managed by strategies and objectives. Work plans are formed for the strategies generated. Each work plan at Flokser Textile and its subsidiaries is monitored and executed on the basis of projects. A well planned project makes a strategy successful and enables Flokser Textile and its subsidiaries accomplish their objectives.

QDMS (Quality Documentation Management System) program is used for the automation of the activities required by the Integrated Management Systems and standards obtained by Flokser Textile. Execution and monitoring of all the activities (Audit, Corrective Actions, Activities, Risk Analysis etc.) required by the management systems (ISO 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001, ISO 10002 etc.) is carried out via this program by establishing an infrastructure of documentation. The QDMS system modules implemented at Flokser Textile • Document Management: is the module enabling the effective management of the quality management system documents’ prepetition, revision, cancellation, reporting and checking processes on the soft media. • Corrective and Preventive Actions and Activities Management :is the module which enables the monitoring and reporting of incompliances as required by the quality management systems. • Management Review: is the module by which the reviewing and reporting of the planned and delayed processes are done. • Risk Analysis Module: is the module by which the present and possible dangers are analyzed and actions are taken with regard to the OHSAS 18001 Quality Management System. • Audit: is the module by which planning of the internal audits as required by the quality management system and monitoring of the improvement actions are carried out.

With the eBA Work Flow Application implemented at Flokser Textile, the standardization and automation of the work processes is carried out and the processes are improved within the confirmation system. The process costs are minimized and the efficient utilization the corporate resources is achieved. The critical processes are controlled with eBA. The monitoring of the timely critical processes is carried out automatically by eBA and the necessary action are taken promptly. Many processes in logistics, manufacturing, finance, planning and management are transferred unto an electronic environment and managed there. Internal correspondences, human resources (personnel request, leaves, trips, fees, shifts, working hours, statement of work, assessment of work), administrative affairs, environmental and occupational safety, other (Team, information acquisition, Project, IT) processes in the in house basic eBA applications are managed over the electronic confirmation systematic.