Customer Complaints Management Process

The purpose of the complaint management process of Sertex, all interaction channels of complaints forwarded to us on the rules and procedures of the company, relative to the fastest way to a fair, unbiased, a standard approach to managing and improving the quality of products and services within the framework of customer satisfaction. Forwarding complaints Customers can reach us through the various channels of interaction. complaints; * Web site on the "Customer Service" section in the "Complaints Introduction" to be registered on the screen can be transmitted. * be transmitted to us via e-mail address. * Store and Franchise in Turkey and abroad 'larımız transmitted to us through. On the website in the "complaint Login" screen, which is the fastest method proposed complaint notifications. Complaints has reached us even a single pooled different interaction channels, and concluded by a single center. Sertex, complaints can be transmitted, and set up the necessary infrastructure for the registration and constantly improving on all channels. Formalization Sertex all customer complaints in accordance with the procedures and complaints handling process are recorded and evaluated. Of receipt of the complaints registered customers will be informed by SMS. SMS tracking number and password will be sent to the customer along with the complaint. Our client is notified via SMS side of the status of the complaint number and password on the website by logging in with the "Customer Service / Complaint Tracking" menu, you can follow through. Report to the customer "Complaint Received" status is reported. Customer complaints effectively and quickly taken into consideration and are concluded with a complaint to the customer's complaint through the website After the input side of the transmitted SMS with the number in the complaint filed complaints with the product / service 's invoices, photos, videos, and so on. required to submit documents as an e-mail. Complaints Evaluation Complaints, Customer Service Center expert customer service representatives and technical professionals exclusively by the factories. Our goal is to evaluate correctly the first time and the resolution of complaints. Classified according to the categories of complaints delivered to the customer service complaint and the product / service, depending on the nature (leather / suede / fabric) are directed to the factories concerned. Complaints from the customer or the authorities the information, documents, samples, pictures and so on. Materials and customer expectations are evaluated by taking into account the recommendation of the appropriate solutions and complaint results clarified the decision. At this stage the customer complaint "evaluation" status is reported. Completion of Complaints Finalization of customer complaints as quickly as possible the first priority of our company. Maximum attention and care every customer complaint, complaint management processes, based on a fair, impartial and evaluated in a standard way is finalized. The complaint resulted in the information forwarded by SMS to the customer by the Center for Customer Service. Sertex customer complaints on the website of the final report and detailed information to follow the complaint through the screen is reached. At this stage the customer complaint "Finalized" status is reported. Agreement with the customer Results reported to the customer complaint regarding the decision of the complaint received approval from the customer through the website. If the result confirms the decision communicated to him the status of customer complaints to "Off" is saved and the complaint is terminated. Customer's decision to endorse the result of the complaint will be processed and evaluated secondly to explore alternative solutions. At the end of the process the customer is informed about the decision of alternative solutions and results. Customer evaluates second submitted, confirms the proposed solution results in the face of the complaint "Closed" status is received and will be terminated. If the Customer complaints are non validated again for the second 2 suggestion, the complaint endorse the "open" status is taken. In this case, the customer external (outside) informed about solutions. Continuous Improvement Sertex complaint management process, we use quality systems and services, key performance indicators and targets in line by reviewing improved. Determining corrective and preventive actions in order to prevent a recurrence of the complaints processes are constantly being revised. The most frequent complaint subjects were followed on a regular basis, then rise and fall in the rate of improvement is followed. A customer called us as soon as possible to have the same complaint again observed and on the follow-up action may be taken as a criterion. The main reason is detected by analyzing the root cause of recurring problems are identified and made the necessary arrangements provided should not be repeated. The information on this page may not be legally claim. Click for Complaints Management Process