Customer Satisfaction Policy

As the pioneer and leading company in the industry to we committe to fulfill customer requests and demands an open, transparent, fast, confidence inspiring at customer-oriented manner. Customer requests and demands are provided by Us with high quality and fast service. Quickly investigates every complaint received from our customers and the we offer objective solutions. We satisfy customer expectations with all internal and outsourced solutions and until it is exhausted and tracks complaints, analyzing continuous improvements. We provide suitable enviroments to All stakeholders (Customers, Employees, Suppliers, Shareholders, Society and Legal Institutions) to develop their creativity by supporting media to express themselves and develop themselves continuously. We take into account customer expectations and legal and regulatory requirements based on creating policies and objectives of the process of handling requests and demands. We revise Customer continuously complaint management process and the existing systems, to identify areas for improvement and to increase the and we apply activity reports improvement of systems, implement lasting solutions in our processes. Rafet Tükek Chairman of the Management Board