For Our Customers

CRM In the line of honesty, respect, understanding, empathy, we take the benefit offered to the customers as our starting point and protect the rights of the customers as much as we do for ours. We make our customers feel that we stand behind our products and have them believe in us and in our company. We act responsibly towards the customer issues and take the necessary precautions so that they aren’t repeated. CRM, in general, is to understand the customer and the customers’ needs by establishing better communication and to develop products and services within the frame of customer requirements. The management of a long term business with added value with our customers is only possible via CRM. Effective and long term CRM processes require advanced technology investments. Following the technology investments, a CRM culture that centralizes the customers will be benefited both by the customers and the company in the long run.

ISO 10002 Flokser Textile has started and still maintain customer feedback management applications which are formed according to Customer Satisfaction and Customer Complaints Handling Standards after adding ISO 10002 standard to the other implemented Quality Management Systems such as ISO 9001 and OHSAS 180001 in 2013. In this regard, complying with the requirements of ISO 10002 standard aims to handle the customer feedbacks more effectively, and improve the procedures accordingly and thus to maintain the consistency of the customer satisfaction. The Requirements of ISO 10002 Standard • Company to be customer oriented • company management to support the process and make commitment to the process • All duties and responsibilities related with the process to be known and applied by all company employees • All complaints to be documented (even if they are unjust) • Complaints to be handled and reviewed • The underlying reasons for the complaints to be determined and reoccurrence to be prevented • All reasonable solutions to be considered in planning development actions • Complainants to be informed at every stage • All the correspondences and assessment documents related with the complaint to be documented • Procedure performance criteria to be determined and followed up • Constant development to be maintained Flokser Textile has crowned its efforts shown until this day with regard to customer satisfaction with ISO 10002 Customer Complaint Handling System Certificate. Being the first company in the sector to obtain this certificate, “Customer Value and Satisfaction” assessment and evaluation system which is implemented with ISO 9001 Quality Management System that is in force since 1991 has a great part in the success of Flokser Textile. ISO 9001 ISO 9001:2008 Quality management System that is in the possession of Flokser Textile since 1999 has been adopted by all the employees and the management and is being performed. Quality management system is reviewed with the process approach in terms of the awareness for constant improvement, and developed and annually audited by an independent company and as a result of the audits areas that requires development are determined and improvement and development activities are carried out. There are 8 quality management principles identified and applied at our company in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 standard and the constant development 1) Customer Orientation: Flokser Textile relies on loyalty towards customers and customer satisfaction. In this regard, while aiming to fulfill customer requirements by measuring and analyzing the present and future customer needs, it carries on its works with all its accumulation of knowledge and experience in order to transcend the customer requests. Apart from the customer expectations and demands, it effectively and swiftly handles and resolves customer complaints. 2) Leadership: An in house ambiance is formed with the complete participation of the employees in order to enable the fulfillment of the corporate objectives by all the units in Flokser Textile in accordance with the objectives and goals from the executive management and its permanence is maintained. 3) Participation Of The Employees: All employees from at any leach level of the Flokser Textile constitute the foundation of the corporate. Complete participation of the employees in the Management systems and their capabilities to be used in favor of the company is ensured. Employee proposal and performance systems are applied in this regard. 4) Process (procedure) Approach: Activities and the related resources within the body of Flokser Textile are aimed to be managed as a process in order to reach the desired goals. In this regard, Process and procedure approach is applied and the processes are managed via the main and sub processes. 5) System Approach At Management: System approach is deployed in understanding and managing the processes and achieving the goals by ensuring the related processes to be identified as a system at Flokser Textile. 6) Constant Improvement: Constant Improvement is ensured by means of applications of systems such as 6 Sigma, Proposal System, corrective and preventive actions for the constant improvement of the total performance of the company. 7) Realistic Approach To Decision Making: Effective decision making systems based on the analysis of information and data are applied by monitoring the process performance. 8) Supplier Relationships Enabling Mutual Benefits: Systems that ensure constant development by managing both the values for both parties by pursuing mutual benefits.