For our Employees

Employee Proposal System On the foundation of principles of love, respect, good intension, equality, participation, honesty, constructiveness, sharing and equity; Flokser Textile recruits employees that carry customer and corporate culture and values, are aware of the importance of customers and eager to learn and improve and who take consistency and productivity as the basis, show system oriented approaches, contribute to their professional and personal developments and we prioritize making them use their potential to the full. Employees ned to participate in the decisions in order to internalize the company they work for. In this regard, the proposal system provides each employee the opportunity to take part in the system and the management. The employees have the chance to say a word by means of the proposal system if they have identified a problem and they have an opinion regarding the solution of the problem. The proposals are collected in the system via the electronic communication platform or the suggestion boxes around the premises. The suggestions collected or the problems identified constitute the basis for our works of constant development and thus they are incorporated into management. Performance Management System All companies managed according to objectives need to have performance indicators. Following the concept of “Can’t manage what you don’t measure”, Flokser Textile has, at the beginning of the year, identified the key factors of success with regard to the identified objectives. The key factors of success that are determined are a categorized according to the 5 dimensional capital structure and the companies and, by first adopting the vision as a company, the departments have had the Flokser Textile vision adopted by all individuals and departments with the Performance Management System after identifying their strategies according to the vision. The individual performance management systems consists of the total of three different measurements. The first of these is the score obtained as a result of the measurement of the key factors of success determined in line with the strategies of the department. The second one is the professional capacity of the employee determined by the assessment of his/her supervisor and the third is the one that is obtained by the digitization of the capabilities of the person which can’t be scored, by again the assessment of his/her supervisor. With all these combined, the Performance Chart of the person is formed. OHSAS 18001 Flokser Textile maintains constant development with the implementation of OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health And Safety Management System in the manufacturing of technical leather, suede, fabric and polyurethane in 2012 in order to establish a safe and healthy workplace in accordance with “Prevent All Work Accidents” principle. As a requirement of the Occupational Health And Safety Standard, our company acts in accordance with the below mentioned principles and applies all kinds of solution methods in order to provide a safe and sound working environment. • In terms of OHS, improvement activities are planned and managed • Existing risks are analyzed • Emergencies are planned and managed and is always prepared for an emergency situation • All Always prioritizes the safety and health of its employees • Constantly increases the level of awareness of the employees by training them on a regular basis • Provides safer workplaces by taking visual and operational precautions