Fundamental 6 Sigma

Quality Improvement Teams The proposal system at Flokser Textile is also used for identifying problems. The Quality Improvement Teams totally consisting of blue-collar personnel work on the problems detected in the proposal system. They use 7 quality instruments that underlie their work. The teams informed of and trained about the 7 quality instruments solve the problems that is asked of them with a project-like approach and submit the solutions to the management. Kaizen The improvement works with regard to small but constantly existing issues are called Kai zen works. The purpose of Kaizen is to constantly improve the process with small steps. Kaizen has determined the complete elimination of waste as an objective. At Flokser Textile and its subsidiaries, the Proposal System carries out Single Step Kaizen and the Quality Improvement Teams carry out weekly Kaizen studies. At various points, white collars assist blue collars. 6 Sigma There is a Constant Development Manager working under the Management Systems Directorate at Flokser Textile. Management Systems Director and Constant Development Manager are Master Black Belt. Constant Development Manager is responsible from the coordination of works and the control and execution of the trainings. There is one champion at each enterprise of Flokser Textile. The champions within the scope of Quality and Management regulations, take action to start a project by identifying the areas in the enterprise at which the project can be carried out. Besides, they audit the performance and results of the Quality Improvement Teams. Black belts and Green belts are responsible from guiding the projects. Business directors who are black belts take on the sponsoring task of the other projects as well. Yellow belts are included in the projects as members. Flokser Textile has started Fundamental Six Sigma endeavor in 2009. Since 2009, it has increased its profitability and customer satisfaction significantly and has also ensured the cultural transition with the Fundamental Six Sigma Philosophy.

5 S 5 S is a project based operation run to arrange, simplify and rearrange the working environment in order to eliminate wastage. The main purpose is arrange the working environment, make it a more ergonomic and healthier place and take the forefront in identifying the points of wastage.